YM Huang Lab

Computational BioMedical Physics

Welcome to the YM Huang Lab at WSU!

We are a vibrant Computational Biophysics Group at Wayne State University. The central goal of our work is to understand the fundamental mechanism of biomolecular recognition and diffusion processes by using theoretical and classical mechanical models. Our research involves the development and application of computational methods to address biologically and medically important problems. We are at the interface of physics, biology, chemistry, pharmacology, and computer science. The applications of such knowledge can cross boundaries in innovative ways, fill recognized gaps, or take advantage of new opportunities.

We are currently looking for highly motivated students and postdoctoral researchers. All interested students and collaborators are encouraged to contact us. We love to share our expertise and learn from them.


How a small molecule binding to a protein receptor?

Inhibitor XK263 binding to HIV protease

Inhibitor Ritonavir binding to HIV protease